Virtual Waiting Room & COVID-19 Screener Training

Erik P.
15 days agoJuly 27, 2020
Thanks, audio is very clear and video is very informative. Thanks for posting!
Leah Heston
15 days agoJuly 27, 2020
Hi! How do we activate the COVID 19 screening form to be sent to patients via email and text message reminders?
Martin Kearns
15 days agoJuly 27, 2020
Hi Leah.  When you log into your account, you will see a COVID-19 Client Resources tab with a link to the form below where you can customize your preferences.  Thanks!
Shari K.
14 days agoJuly 28, 2020
Great info. We have already incorporated some of these features and I discovered more in this video that I may also use. Thanks!
8 days agoAugust 3, 2020
Is there anyway to customize a health history update form that goes out to all patients, once a year?
Lighthouse 360
8 days agoAugust 3, 2020
Not at this time. Many offices are adding verbiage to their messages like: "If you have had any changes to your personal or health history since your last visit, please CLICK HERE" (hyperlink to their med forms on their website). We do add a task on the anniversary of the first visit date to update medical history forms. Thank you!
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